Isithumba Community Development Movement

About Us

Isithumba Community Development Movement (ICDM) is a community-based, youth-driven non-profit organisation founded in 2009 and registered in 2014. We operate from Isithumba village, located in the majestic valley of 1000 Hills, one of the 11 traditional Zulu villages that make up the greater KwaXimba area where we do most of our work.

We established ICDM after observing the socio-economic, cultural, and educational circumstances of these 11 villages. Our organisation aims to uplift and empower the youth of these communities through comprehensive and inclusive sports, cultural, and educational programmes. Our programmes target youth in schools and general youth in the community who are idle and at risk of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Every donation matters and makes a real difference in the lives of those we support. Join us in our mission and help build a brighter future for those who need it most.

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Our Objectives

Our primary objectives are to uplift and empower youth from academically and economically disadvantaged sectors of our communities. We achieve this through the implementation of sports, cultural, and education-related programmes. Our programmes are comprehensive, inclusive, and grounded on community structures and traditional principles of Ubuntu. We conduct our training programmes with local youth and invite experts and professionals from time to time to contribute to our programmes. We have also worked with other like-minded organisations to increase the depth and width of our programmes. We continue to establish relationships and networks with government stakeholders and other international organisations to build sustainable programmes and expose our beneficiaries to diversified youth activities. We have recently expanded our programmes to selected schools in KwaXimba.

Our programmes

We offer a variety of sports, cultural, and educational programmes:

Sport programmes


Soccer is one of the popular sports in the community. We currently have Under 13, 15, and 19 soccer teams that are competitive but are not involved in local leagues. With our limited resources, we have managed to produce good players for professional leagues and have given opportunities to many youth players a chance to play professional soccer. We have largely maximized on the passion and love of soccer that our youth has to expand our reach.

Indigenous Games

Our indigenous games programme is growing and has experienced a very positive uptake from our youth. We have not yet been able to participate in national competitions due to resource constraints. However, we have experienced some growth in the sport, and the interest is growing every year.


Through our partnership with the local Dusi Valley Canoeing Club, we have successfully introduced the sport in the community. Canoeing is traditionally not a sport played in African communities. It is thought to be a sport for more affluent communities. Since a one-day weekly training offered by Dusi Valley Canoeing Club, we have seen significant growth in the sport.

Mountain Biking

Our mountain biking programme is relatively new but has been growing phenomenally. One of our partners, Durban Green Corridor, is kind enough to allow us to use their bush trail to train our youth. We currently have very limited bikes and safety gear for training, but our youth have made most of this meager resource to take ownership of the sport.

BMX Sports

About 10 of our youth between ages 10 and 15 are now able to participate in BMX extreme sports. They have been trained through our extensive programme. BMX sport is becoming popular amongst our youth in the community.


Our netball programme has allowed a gradual increase of female participants by 30% since inception. We have a very competitive team that continues to grow. There are plans to provide more exposure to the team by inviting other teams from surrounding areas to compete.


Volleyball is relatively new. When established in 2011, our youth had no knowledge of the sport. Since building a volleyball court, we have managed to attract more youth to take up volleyball. We currently have a very competitive team that is learning every time and growing in strength.

Other Sporting Codes

We have also provided a platform for other sports such as table tennis, table soccer, and chess. We have largely kept this at a small scale because of the lack of resource material required to play these sports. We realised that if we increased the demand for these sports, we would not be able to have adequate supply of required resources to meet the demand.

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Cultural Activities

We host cultural events annually, such as poetry and traditional arts of music and dance. The aim is to keep our youth culturally aware and to know who they are. We use these activities as both entertainment and educational tools. We have hosted various spoken word sessions for our aspiring poets. Storytelling and performing arts have also been an integral part of our programme.

School programmes

We have recently established school programmes where the Isithumba Sportgarten team visits various schools in the area. At the moment, we have 5 schools in our programme. The main idea is to take our sport activities into the schools and assist those schools without the capacity to conduct their extramural activities.

We currently conduct training with Mvini, Ntongela, Ndunakazi, and Noqomfela Primary School. We train pupils in various Isithumba Sportgarten sporting codes apart from mountain biking and canoeing because of a lack of time and resources. We host sport competitions and events between the schools. Through this programme, we have been able to reach more than 2500 learners in the area. We continue to establish more partnerships with other schools.

Our Drive

We are an organisation that strives to keep its local roots and provide a platform for our rural youth with the opportunity to shape their future. The old-age principle of Ubuntu is what drives us. Our passion is to take responsibility for our economic, cultural, and educational development to the next level. We are driven by the desire to instill a positive attitude towards life and to keep our peers occupied through involvement in sporting, cultural, and educational activities.

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We are currently a self-funded organisation. We generate our minimum income through selling local merchandise such as t-shirts and organizing events. Funding has been our major challenge, although we run successful programmes. The demand for our programmes in the community has increased, thus creating pressure on us to deliver them to more beneficiaries over the years. It is our belief that with sufficient funding, our programmes are likely to have optimum impact in our community.

Banking details

Bank name: Standard Bank
Account number: 051961350
Branch code: Kloof
Account holder: Isithumba Community Development Movement

Item donation

Spread happiness. Donate books, games, clothes, or kitchen utensils. Every gesture matters for those in need. Together, let's make a difference. Please drop off your donations at the following address: 8 Peace Ave, Windermere, Berea, 4001, South Africa. Thank you for your generosity.